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Push your topic branch with your changes to your fork in your personal GitHub account:

In your web browser, go to your forked repo and click on the Compare pull request button for the branch you just worked on and you want to open a pull request with.

Review the pull request changes, and verify that you are opening a pull request for the appropriate branch. The title and message from your commit message should appear as well.

If you’re working on a subsystem branch that’s not master , you may need to change the intended branch for the pull request here, for example, by changing the base branch from master to net .

GitHub will assign one or more suggested reviewers (based on the CODEOWNERS file in the repo). If you are a project member, you can select additional reviewers now too.

Click on the submit button and your pull request is sent and awaits review. Email will be sent as review comments are made, or you can check on your pull request at Cheapest Outlet 2018 New Cupro Skirt Fidelity Skirt by VIDA VIDA Looking For For Sale qYUyorG

While you’re waiting for your pull request to be accepted and merged, you can create another branch to work on another issue. (Be sure to make your new branch off of master and not the previous branch.):

and use the same process described above to work on this new topic branch.

If reviewers do request changes to your patch, you can interactively rebase commit(s) to fix review issues. In your development repo:

The --ignore-whitespace option stops git apply (called by rebase) from changing any whitespace. Continuing:

In the interactive rebase editor, replace pick with edit to select a specific commit (if there’s more than one in your pull request), or remove the line to delete a commit entirely. Then edit files to fix the issues in the review.

As before, inspect and test your changes. When ready, continue the patch submission:

Update commit comment if needed, and continue:

By force pushing your update, your original pull request will be updated with your changes so you won’t need to resubmit the pull request.

If the CI run fails, you will need to make changes to your code in order to fix the issues and amend your commits by rebasing as described above. Additional information about the CI system can be found in Continuous Integration .

Changes are submitted as Git commits. Each commit message must contain:

A short and descriptive subject line that is less than 72 characters, followed by a blank line. The subject line must include a prefix that identifies the subsystem being changed, followed by a colon, and a short title, for example: doc: update wiki references to new site . (If you’re updating an existing file, you can use git log <filename> to see what developers used as the prefix for previous patches of this file.)

An ordered dictionary that can have multiple values for each key. A multidict adds the methods getall , getone , mixed , extend , add , and dict_of_lists to the normal dictionary interface. A multidict data structure is used as request.POST , request.GET , and request.params within an Pyramid application.

Returns a dictionary where each key is associated with a list of values.

Returns a dictionary where the values are either single values, or a list of values when a key/value appears more than once in this dictionary. This is similar to the kind of dictionary often used to represent the variables in a web request.

Return a list of all values matching the key (may be an empty list)

Add a set of keys and values, not overwriting any previous values. The other structure may be a list of two-tuples or a dictionary. If **kwargs is passed, its value will overwrite existing values.

Add the key and value, not overwriting any previous value.

Get one value matching the key, raising a KeyError if multiple values were found.

Represents a WSGI response using the WebOb response interface. Some attribute and method documentation of this interface references RFC 2616 .

RFC 2616

This interface is most famously implemented by pyramid.response.Response and the HTTP exception classes in pyramid.httpexceptions .

Gets and sets and deletes the WWW-Authenticate header. For more information on WWW-Authenticate see RFC 2616 section 14.47. Converts using 'parse_auth' and 'serialize_auth'.

Gets and sets and deletes the Allow header. Converts using list. For more information on Allow see RFC 2616, Section 14.7.

Gets and sets and deletes the Content-Disposition header. For more information on Content-Disposition see RFC 2616 section 19.5.1.

Like the normal __call__ interface, but checks conditional headers:

Get/set the charset (in the Content-Type)

Gets and sets and deletes the Content-Language header. Converts using list. For more information about Content-Language see RFC 2616 section 14.12.

Get/set/modify the Cache-Control header (RFC 2616 section 14.9)

The status string.

Makes a copy of the response and returns the copy.

Delete a cookie from the client. Note that path and domain must match how the cookie was originally set. This sets the cookie to the empty string, and max_age=0 so that it should expire immediately.

Unset a cookie with the given name (remove it from the response).

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Christine Kane's Blog

Mentor to People Who Are Changing the World

Written by Christine Kane

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Last week, I had lunch with a freelance writer who is interviewing me for a regional women’s magazine. Before the interview began, she related a situation that has left her drained and unhappy about a non-profit program she founded. As I listened, it became apparent that each of the people involved took each other’s miscommunications personally. Then, they told their “story” to other people who believed it. Those people continued the stories by passing them along to create a full-blown drama.

We’ve all done this. Some of us can catch ourselves taking things personally. And some of us don’t know how to shift it. We wonder why we take things personally and how we’ll ever get out of that mindset.

Though I’m far from being fully detached, I’ve come a long way on this path. Compared to where I once was, I feel like the Buddha. There’s nothing like the entertainment business to teach you – in a big way – how to not take things personally.

The Benefits of Not Taking Things Personally

The biggest benefits of not taking things personally are self-awareness and clarity. Being centered and grounded while knowing that only you can dictate whether or not you’re on track or whether or not you’re successful is a reward in and of itself. Anyone who has experienced this state of being knows how good it feels. Once you get a taste of it, you’ll strive to be in that state more often. Even when you get thrown off, you’ll relish the knowledge that you get to choose whether or not to remain stuck. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

Your Story is Rarely Correct

The first step in breaking the habit of taking things personally is to observe the stories you tell yourself. These stories have nothing to do with facts. They’re all about your translations. Do you spin a self-righteous tale about how you’re doing good things in the world and the evil right-wingers are closed and greedy? Do you have a good victim story about how you’re the sensitive one and people are cold and hurtful to poor souls like you? Do you feel rejected by situations that aren’t at all about rejection? Begin noticing if there are recurring threads woven throughout your personal stories. Begin asking yourself if there’s any truth in them at all. And ask yourself how you’d behave if they simply weren’t true.

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